What is a Chief Financial Officer? By Peter Culpepper

As the member of a company’s senior management team who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of its financial standings, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a highly important individual in any organization. Essentially, the CFO’s position involves monitoring all inflow and outflow of cash. The CFO handles credit, prepares budgets, oversees tax issues, and maintains the balance between revenues and expenditures. He or she is also responsible for developing a company’s financial strategy for the future.

The CFO is at the head of many of a company’s essential functions, and consequently, is open to a wide range of liability issues such as fraud or embezzlement. To ensure the ability to manage all required tasks properly, the CFO must possess a solid background in business, a great deal of training, and often, an advanced academic degree.

About Peter Culpepper: Pete Culpepper is the Chief Financial Officer for Provectus Pharmaceuticals.